Clinic Day Details

Please visit to view the mobile clinic details, biographies of the veterinarians and see photos of clinics held in other areas and for pre-surgery instructions.

The clinic day begins at roughly 10am and ends when all the surgeries are complete. When you arrive, please allow 45 minutes to an hour for your pet to be registered and loaded into the surgical unit. Depending on the number/size of dogs scheduled, we may ask you to crate your pet until it is time for him/her to go on board. Once your pup is crated, you are free to leave. If your pet is not a good candidate for crating, just let us know. Since surgery is an inexact science, the time that you pick up your animal is usually 4-5 hours from dropoff, but it can be as long as 7 or 8 hours, depending on circumstances during the day. We do not compromise quality of healthcare in the interest of time; we ask that you please be patient if it is 8 or 9pm when your animal is ready to come home. Please clear your schedule on the clinic day so that you are able to pick up your pet as soon as you are contacted; it is better for pets to recover at home.

When you make an appointment, you will be given a drop-off time for your pet. Please be aware that the RASCAL surgical unit has a limit to the number of surgeries that can be performed in a day. Your drop off time is a FIRM appointment.  If you need to cancel, please contact us at 330.309.6955 with a courtesy cancellation so that we may put another animal in your spot. No-shows jeopardize other animal guardians and filling the clinics is the only way that we can keep the surgical unit coming back!

A $20 deposit is required to hold the appointment.  It must be received within ten days of the clinic date and will be applied to the total balance of the surgery.  If a deposit is NOT received by that date, the appointment time will be opened up for another participant; we will try to notify you if that is necessary. If the appointment is cancelled within a week of the clinic date, the deposit will not be returned. Cash is the only accepted form of payment on the clinic day.

You will be given a drop-off time for the day of surgery. Keep in mind that this is the time for your pet to be checked in and not a surgery time. Our surgery schedule consists of 40 – 60 procedures per day, therefore some patients will not have surgery until later in the day. The order for the surgeries is based on patient status (high risk procedures are done first) followed by order of arrival. If you must pick up your pet by a certain time, please let a staff member know. However, we can not guarantee a pick up time.

You will be asked to fill out patient information, including a history form. If your pet is current on their rabies vaccination, you must present a certificate from the veterinarian which includes your pet’s information at drop off. We will not accept rabies tags or forms/receipts/vaccine booklets as proof of rabies. If there is any question regarding your pet being current on the vaccine, we will administer the vaccine for $9.00. This is for the safety of your pet as well as the safety of the veterinarians.

Once your pet is checked in, we will examine your pet for overall health status. If your pet is not considered to be healthy for surgery, we will contact you to reschedule the procedure date. If your pet is healthy, s/he will be sedated to decrease anxiety in preparation for the anesthesia. Once ready for surgery, your pet will be given an injectible anesthetic followed by intubation and gas anesthesia for maintenance. PLEASE NOTE: It can be extremely difficult – if not impossible – for you or the vet to know if your pet is in the early stages of pregnancy. Once the surgery is underway, the puppies/kittens cannot survive and the only option is to follow through with the spay. In these cases, a $5.00 charge will be assessed. After  surgery is completed, you will be given a call with your pet’s status and a pick up time.

When you pick up your pet, you will be given written instructions which will help you take care of your pet after surgery. If you bring in a stray or feral cat, please ask our staff for special instructions. The type of pain medication given will be determined by the type of surgery and other medications your pet may be taking.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns after surgery you may contact the RASCAL veterinarians at their Dublin office at 614-791-7729. You can also reach them by email by sending a message to Please keep in mind that they may not be available for follow up during after-hours. For emergencies during the night or holidays you may contact your local veterinarian or the closest emergency veterinary hospital. These facilities are not affiliated with Rascal and you will be responsible for their fees. Remember, the best way to prevent complications is to follow the go-home instructions carefully.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your pet and thank you for spaying/neutering your animal!