UPDATE ON THE JUNE 27th CLINIC IN STARK COUNTY ~~ As of May 19th, there are now 42 online appointment requests and 12 voicemail messages. While this makes us incredibly happy, please know that we are limited to 30 total dog-cat spays & dog neuters, and an additional 20 cat neuters, so it’s safe to say that this clinic isĀ full. We will be making our way through the messages and will advise if we are able to facilitate your pet. If you have left a message or sent a request, please be patient. Thank you!

If we are not able to fit them in, please reach out to the other awesome resources for low-cost spay/neuter (see the “links” page on our website) and know that we are working hard to bring more access to Northeast Ohio.

Thank you for spaying and neutering your pets!